Monday, 28 September 2009

Havent seen a post in a while?

Sorry i havent been positng anything.
I'm soo busy at the moment with;

My job
LOTS Work i have to do
Going out on the town of course (Suddenly Lots of birthdays!!)
University stuff


I've had no time, putting together a personal statement, visiting open days etc. It's weirddd.. i want to go and i know itll be a great experience but i do think i'll get home sick ;/

I wont be posting much in the future either, well certianly not until ive finished with all this. :)

x x x

Monday, 7 September 2009

..Repair the damage.

Sooo i went to get Revlon Colourstay foundation at Superdrug and got distracted and ended up getting Loreal True Match for some reason. What a bad idea that was.
I really feel this foundation is one of the worst i've tried for my skin. I have spent a fortune on foundations over the years and this was also a waste of money.

It was greasy on my skin and even after powder (i use MAC MSF natural) it wasn't the matte or even semi-matte finish i like. My skin is a combination type.
Whats worse I really feel it must have been this thats gave me a majour breakout all over my face - forehead/slightly on my chin/and my cheeks *Where i never ever get spots!:(*.
It gave me little coverage which wasn't great especially as it gave me spots then never even covered them!

The only positive is that it was a good colour match. The shade i used was C7 Amber rose (or something liked that). I usually like Loreal but im quite dissapointed in this.

At the time, from hearing QUITE good things about it I wanted to try this foundation.. so it must be good for some people!?

Anyways I have just tried the Asprin Mask about 20 mins ago, to try and sort out my skin which at the moment has left my skin feeling really clean and soft. BUT i'll see how my skin looks in the morning and see if that lives up to its great reputation. :)

Fingers crossed

Breathe.. rant over :)
I have now switched to Revlon colourstay which i really really love. It is slightly sticky but i think this consistency helps it to stay in place all day and gives it its great coverage. Hooray. (I have the Combination version in 350 Rich tan)

What does everyone think of these 2 foundations?