Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tanning & Escada.

This is the Velvotan Tan applicator. It is basically a mit that you put your hand inside, it's foam on one side and a material on the other. I think it's great for applying instant fake tan. I use Rimmel Sun Shimmer in the matt version when I want an instant glow when im going out. When i first used the rimmel product i really hated it because it left my hands orange which wouldnt wash off for ages and it wouldnt go on 'right'. But after buying this from superdrug my hands have stayed a normal colour and it goes on a lot smoother. Its definitely a worth while purchase if you have this tango hand problem! It says to wash it after every use which I do. :)

The new Escada perfume. First of all, i love ALL of the Escadas perfume because they all basically smell the same with a slight variation. This one is called Ocean Lounge. I would understand why people may not like it, but i love the very sweet sort of 'sticky' smell. I have had it on most days since I got it last week. It lasts for quite a long time too.

St Moriz and St Tropez.

So I purchased both St Moriz and St Tropez recently. I have been meaning to buy the St Moriz for ages but kept forgetting which was really annoying. I got mine from Home Bargians where they had lots in stock and it was £2.99. It is a self tanning mouse that is tinted so you can see where you are applying it, and i love it. It isn't streaky, patchy or hard to apply! I didnt use gloves or anything as I dont think that gives the best application/results so i just washed my hands straight after. However it does have a kind of musky typical fake tan scent the morning after but after a shower its fine. The scent isn't something I would say is awful though.

I got the St Tropez lotion instead of the mouse because I wanted to see which i prefer out of the two consistencys. (I usually use a tanning gel, or spray) I also like the St Tropez as it doesnt smell bad at all, it is also tinted and it glides onto the skin. I didn't notice any patches with this, but it does give a lighter than the St Moriz.

Overall, i actually prefer the St Moriz and reach for it more often, as its a deeper tan so I only need to apply it once or twice and is £2.99! Although I do like high end, more expensive products like most girls.. :( which isnt too good for the purse. I think i will try the St Tropez mouse next to see how it compares as I have found out i really do prefer mouse to lotion.


Friday, 24 July 2009

Im back!

Hi everyone! x
I had a great birthday weekend and i'm back to reviews, hauls etc. :) Sooo lets get going
Here are some things I have just purchased (clothing only). I have some other things I got such as another 2 dresses, shoes etc. But i havent had time to find them and take photos.

This set is a neclace and bracelet set from a local boutique called Strange Fruit. It is jade green stones with a cream heart on both. The neclace ties with a pale green ribbon. I love it :) and wear it with a plain white vest top or grey dress etc. Im not sure of the price.

So these were just some shorts i bought for my holidays. I am going to Puerto Rico in less than 3 weeks :) So these are just for wearing to go to the beach etc. I got a white and pink pair. They wouldnt photograph very well. ;/ But they are from newlook.

This is a cute dress I purchased from Topshop at £22. The photo doesnt do it justice but its nice. I am wearing a black vest top underneath as it is quite low. It is tight yet not too short. It has a black pannel with flowers down either side.

I have seen this vest/dress sold everywhere! Motel, Newlook, Various boutiques etc etc etc. I got mine from £12 from Newlook. I had seen it on the internet at a different store and i was going to get it however when i seen this for £12 I ran to the changing room with it! Haha. I wear it with leggings. It is striped with large roses.

I realise this dress is very short and i would wear it with leggings but i couldnt find them to photograph it. I got it today from Topshop and it was £20 which i thought was very good. It is VERY tight on me but the next size up was too big and i liked it sooo.. :) It is a sort of weird material that clings to everything. Dont i look like the top poser? Haha. I had to be quick.. i was in a rush!

Sorry the image is so small. But it's a cute belly bar i got. Its a small bow that has pink diamonds in it. Its the perfect size as it doesnt hang below my actuall belly button if that makes sense? It was £5.50 from claires. I only buy cheap belly bars as I always without fail, loose them.

These are 2 pairs of sunglasses i got. One (Left on the bottom photo) are an aviator style and the other (Right on the bottom photo) are oversized sunglasses.

- The aviators are dark brown with a thin gold trim. The true colour is in the 2nd photo where they look darker not the 3rd as they are darker than that. It is jsut the lighting. They were £10 from Dorothy Perkins and came with a really cute lepoard print pouch.

- The oversized glasses are from Matalan. They were really cheap at something like £5/6. They are oversized yet small enough so that they dont over take my face :) They actually keep out a lot of light too which cheap sunglasses usually dont

Much love.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quick update

Hi :)
So this isn't a great post I just wanted to say I wont be posting any blogs until tuesday as I have a really busy long weekend.

Its my birthday on saturday so I might aswell have a birthday weekend .. from Friday - Monday. My boyfriend has took the day off on friday and monday but has to go back Tuesday. ;(

But anyways I have lots of things to blog about
Hauls, Reviews etc.

Seeya' soon :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TAG: 10 Random Facts

I know i've just done a thing like this with those questions but ive been tagged to do it by Lilize - In my life

soooo.. here goes. Sorry if i talk too much!

1) I met my boyfriend on holiday
I went on holiday early last summer last year with my family to Tenerife, and I met my boyfriend! He was there with his friend and his friends parents and their friends (if thats not too confusing) And we have been together ever since! :) At the time I went on holiday I had a boyfriend and wasn't looking for anyone AT ALL. However, I was lying next to him on my lounger (sunbathing as per) and we just started talking.. then talked every day for 2 weeks. It doesnt sound a lot of time but talking for hours and hours and hours is quite intense He was so sweet with such a similar sense of humour to me and I instantly liked him. Yet I obviously didnt kiss/hug/or tell him i liked him him as I had a boyfriend. He was such a flirt! Haha. So cut a long story short we exchanged numbers and msn addresses and talked when we got back and things went from there

2)My boyfriend lives over 2 hours away from me
Honestly.. These aren't 10 facts about Dean! Haha. But anyways.. As if that wasnt confusing enough! He lives in Newcastle and I live in West Cumbria. However he travels down to see me every weekend. :)

3) I have a very close family
I'm veryyy close to my mam , dad, brother and grandad. My grandad lives a few minutes away from me and comes to my house everyday. I know I can talk to my mam about anything, whether its sex, boys in general, drinking, smoking.. whatever! I go to my nanas house at least every sunday to see all my aunties, cousins etc.

4)I find it quite hard to find clothes to fit
My figure is quite out of proportion as i'm around a size 8/sometimes a 10, however due to my boobs and bum im a 12 or 14 in bikinis. Lets just say i have my nanas genes in the booty department and my mams in the 'breasts'! Hahah. Jeans are the worst!

5)I live in the worst place ever
Well.. thats being dramatic but it's not good. I live in a small town in West Cumbria in the UK. It doesnt even have a pictures! Haha the nearest one is 20 minutes away. I live close to where Shakespeare did...... intresting.

6)I love clubbing
What more can I say? Drinking, Having fun, Dressing up in nice clothes. Sounds good to me!

7)I'm hoping to do English language at Uni
I'm in my last year of 6th form and hoping to do English language as it intrests me and has always been my favorite subject. I got a grade A in both Englishes at GCSE. I think i want to go to either Liverpool, Leeds or Newcastle

8)I love all things beauty
I love moisturisers, cosmetics, any body products in general, hair stuff, nail polish.. everything! Haha :) I love high end and drugstore products. It gives me loads more confidence and makes me feel great

9)Humour is the best medicine
One of my best friends Ashley is seriously the Funniest person i know. He just has such a good sense of humour and makes me laugh all the time. I think sarcastic, dry and 'take the piss' kind of humour is the best. I look for humour in a boyfriend. Laughing is one the best things ever.
My friend Holly was sitting on two hairs in the Post 16 centre with every sitting around. Both of the chairs collapsed on her and she fell in slow motion with the funniest look on her face. It was hilarious! She just lay on the floor with everyone looking at her and laughing. I was crying. It may not sound funny.. but you should have seen her. She looked such a freek

10)I'm a bubbly person
I'm generally a really outgoing and confident person who likes to have fun (oh god i sound like im doing a lonely hearts ad) but I'm quite shy with people I dont know. I'm REALLY dopey sometimes e.g (something i said the other day)

Me: Awww your dogs sooo cute!
Jasmine: I know, it looks like a Jack Russel eh?
Me:........ Whos Jack russel?



Monday, 13 July 2009

Nailpolish love.

Here are a few of the nail polishes i'm loving at the moment! .. Yes. I know its summer and everyone seems to be wearing orange or yellow nail polish but to be honest I just don't like those colours on my nails.

The nailpolishes here are: Barry m - Navy (292). Sally Hansen - Hard as nails. 17 (Boots) - Rasberry Mocha. And finally Barry m - Racing green (299)

I really want these Barry M nail varnishes: Grey. Vivid Purple. Red wine(or)Red glitter and Pink Flamingo.

This is Barry M's nailpolish in Navy. Its sooo pretty. It is a good quality product at an affordable price. It is just £2.95. The first coat for me (same as racing green) looked a little streaky and paler than i wanted but after the second coat it is an even and deep colour. I love Barry M nail varnishes.

This for me is a really good top coat. I never put a bottom coat on so im not sure what it would be like for that but im sure it would be fine. It is Sally Hansen - Hard as nails. It's quite thick which I find good as i sticks to the nails and means the colour underneath lasts longer. It has a really long handle and a thin brush so is easy to apply. It costs around £4/5 from Bodycare. I alwats get things like that from bodycare as I find its the cheapest place. I also use this on it's own to strengthen my nails.

Sorry about the awful photo. I couldnt find one from the internet which is a shame because this doesnt reflect how nice this polish is. Its from 17 in Rasberry Mocha. It is cheap at around £3 or something. I wouldnt say its the best for quality as it does chip however I wear it loads as it's such a pretty colour. The colour is a nude-ish pink. - It would actually lovely as a lipstick! I always get complements on my nails when I wear this

Finally. i love this. Its such a lovely colour and i dont think this photo does it justice. Its a deep forest green with blue undertones and a slight green glitter. I t hink it is sooooo nice! It (as i said before) went on a little watery and slightly streaky yet after another coat its the perfect colour for me as its quite dark but not tooo dark that its black

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mmmm.. Hangover food.

The morning after the night before food:

Cold glass of milk

and a fried egg sandwich.
Thats all i can write today

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Miroslava Duma

This is Miroslava Duma - A Russian 'it' girl. She is such a style icon. She has one ofthe best styles in my opinion and lovely hair. Actually, my hair looks like that now *with the fringe etc* -(however its not copied from her) She seems to merge both contempary and classic styles within her outfits. I know i can look at an outfit of hers and i'll like it, however she is not an 'idol' for me because I simply dont have any. I think individuality is important. She is soo cute i could put her in my pocket! Haha And i love the 'geeky' clear lense glasses :)
I love her outfits on the first and third photo especially
She is also someone Richie Nickel thinks has good style (aswell as Mary-kate Olsen)
*Before I go, I just want to say a big well done to Shaheen for giving a great performance at MJ's memorial. He sang very well and has soo much confidence to do that infront that audience at 12! Well done :)*


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bordem at dinnertime

1)Things you can't leave the houe without?
My handbag - it has my keys, mobile, ususally some make-up such as liptick, a pen, usually some random bits of paper, and of course.. my purse :)

2)Favorite brand of make-up?
Errrm. Either rimmel, barry m or MAC. Obviously MAC are probably the best quality but they dont have one near where i live *i live in the back of beyond* so I usually go to my local superdrug for things.

3) Favorite flower?
Either red roses or a white orchid. I dont like lillies they remind me of death.

4)Favorite clothing store?
Primark, Topshop, Urbanoutfitters, ASOS

5)Favorite perfume?
Chanel chance

6)Heels or flats?
I love love love heels. Especially if they are really high! They can instantly turn a day outfit into a nighttime one in seconds. However for comfort I wear flats in the day. So.. I have to say flats :(

7)Do you make good grades?
Well.. in my GCSE's I got: 8 A's, 4 B's and a C in statistics. (I had to do it because I was in 'gifted and talented' maths. God knows why?!) So i done okay..

8)Favorite colours?
Cream, grey, dark red and dark purple.

9) Do you drink energy drinks?
No! I think theyre disgusting. I used to drink Red bull and vodka. But i hate it now.

10) Do you drink juice?
Yeaaah, Orange and tropical and pinapple. I hate cranberry though

11) Do you like swimming?
Yes :) I go swimming every monday for ladies night.

12) Do you eat fries with a fork?
Noooooo. Does anyone?! haha

13) Favorite moisturiser?
One from my doctor as i have really dry patches of skin

14)Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes of course. I want a big white wedding or to get married in the sunshine

15)Do you get mad easily?
Yeaah ;/ Im quite headstrong so making me cry is harder than making me angry. I get mad over stupid stuff.

16)Are you into ghost hunting?

17) Any phobias?
Its sounds stupid but i HATE flies. I hate any bug that fly's such as Bee's, Wasps, Flies etc. At least if they cant fly i can move away from them. They can chase me if they fly!

18)Do you bite your nails?
Noo :) I used to but theyre quite long now.

19)Have you ever had a near death experience?
Well.. Not as such. Im really dopey and have done quite a lot of stuff; such as Split my head open and got loads of stitches (I still have a scar on my forehead :( ), Burnt all the skin off my hand by accidently putting it in a fire, Fell and split my chin open and got stitches.Etc! haha

20)Do you drink coffee?
Yeaah all the time. Lots of milk and two sugars please? :)


Monday, 6 July 2009

Everyone loves a bargain!

This concealer is by Barbara Daly for tesco. It is really really good overall
The positives: It blends really well due to its creamy formular. It gives a really good coverage yet isnt cakey. Its cheap! And its small enough to put in your pocket nevermind your handbag!
The Negavtives: It only comes in 3 colours and the darkest is only a light tan colour- (the colours are light, medium and dark. Im medium) It may be too yellow toned for some people

It actually rivals MAC's studio sculpt concealer. I can compare as I have both. They have recently changed the packaging and there is a slight improvement. It retails for around £3.50 or something and is available at most Tesco stores. I live in a small town and they stock it. It is really easy to blend yet gives the right amout of coverage. It is quite thick so only a small amount is neeed.

Now... I have heard NOTHING but good things about this fake tan. Its apprently a good as (or even better) than the famous St Tropez. This is kind of pointless as I havent purchased it myself yet BUT i will on saturday. Its available at Home Bargains in the UK. I will review it when i have personally used it but until then lollipop26 done a great review about it. Apprently its a tinted mouse formula that goes on really well and doesnt go streaky. If anyones used it let me know! Its around £2

Baby oil. A staple in my beauty products and probably everyone elses too. Its very cheap and versatile. Some peopl use it to take off their makeup and others (like me) use it in their bath. I put a few drops in the bath once a week and my skin is really soft. I dont like to put it on my skin when my skin is dry as it find it is too greasy... but after its put into my bath and i pat my skin dry it feels really soft and lovely.

After reading many positives review on this on the internet and various magazines I purchased this and im glad i did. Its Siana moisturising anti-wrinkle day cream from Aldi. It was around £3 or something i can't remember exactly but it was cheap i can assure you! What isn't in Aldi? I dont know if you can get this in the US but if not you can purchase on ebay at a slightly higher price. It claims to help wrinkles but i cant comment on that as i dont have any yet! But.. Its a great moisturiser with added sun cream. It goes on really creamy and would be good for normal or dry skin. Its great as a make-up base. It dries really quick and has a kind of 'normal/nothing to write home about' smell. It can feel a touch oily but not enough to notice/not too buy it and when it dries in it just leaves you skin soft. Under foundation its great. For me.. its a good buy.
Hope this helped. Ask away with any Q's

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Product of the week

I have had really dry cracked lips for weeks. Theyve been sore and disgusting. Im not really sure why theyve been so bad actually..But after using vaseline, lip balm etc etc etc to no avail I got Blistex relief cream. Its sooooooooo good :) Its a medicated cream that litterally works within hours. It does sting if you have a cut on your lip and smells funny.. but its a small price to pay for soft lips.

I dont know why i haven't used this product before ; but im never looking back! :)

Ive been applying it roughly every hour while im awake.

Well obviously when im awake..


But yes. Probably my favourite lip product now. I mean obviously i prefer to be wearing a nice lipstick or lipgloss but my lips look better. I recommend to anyone who has skanky lips like me. haha. I got mine from Bodycare for like £1.80 or something


Friday, 3 July 2009

Tad of shopping

While it was raining today i went for a little bit of a shop. I can't cope with shopping when its warm. Everything was cheap as chips. Hooray for bargains.Heres what i got

Jeans mixed with Jeggings. There kind of just like tight skinny jeans yet not jeggings. Hmm.. But anyways there fine. Not gorge not horrible. They were like £16 or something.

Just some boring vest tops from new look. I got them for work but might just wear them out and about. They were £4 each

Dont mind my crazy *one longer than my big toe* toes haha. These where £9.99 from Deichmann Shoes. Ive never been in but went in hoping for some sandals :)

Stripey-ish dress. T'was £12 :) in the sale. It will look cute with some black high heels. I wasnt sure about it.. but at 12 pounds you might aswel :)

Little top that was £10! It fits perfectly and will look cute on holiday. It was from a little boutique style shop near to where i live.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MAC splurge

I got the 109 brush. It looks weird as its jsut been washed. I love it ... so far :D I used it for powder/blush. I may use it for foundation tomorow.

My MAC products came yesterday :) Heres a kind of collage of them.

I purchased:

(Left to right on the top row)

Myth Lipstick (satin)

Speeddial Lipstick (Cremesheen)

Nylon eyeshadow

Wedge eyeshadow

All that glitters eyeshadow


(Left to right on bottom row)

Studio Sculpt concealer NC20 - This is too light for me as i have a tan

Studio fix powder NC25

MSF Natural - Medium

Blush in Welldressed

My favorite from using them yesterday and toay (not long i know!) is..

Myth lisptick, MSF Natural and Mattifier

Myth Lipstick is the perfect nude. It is a creamy beige lipstick that goes on lovely. It complements my skin really well and when it wears off it still looks good. Id defooo reccomend this to anyone who likes nude lipsticks. I was kind of worried to use this lipstick because everyone loves this lipstick and i didnt want it to be a let down. But it isnt :)

The MSF natural if the perfect shade for me at the moment. Mine is in the shade natural - i thought it would be too light when it was delivered but its fine. It goes on your skin quite sheer and makes it look very flawless. Although its a power it does leave a degree of a sheen (not shine) to the skin. I use this as an all over powder but im thinking of getting a darker shade as an all over bronzer.

The Mattifier is really strange.

It comes out of the tube as a gel, yet when you apply to the face it turns to a powder. I applied it after my moisturiser before my foundation. I applied it to my t-zone where i get most oils. - I have a combination of dry and oily skin. I have oils in thne t-zone yet really dry/eczma (didnt spell that right :)) everywhere else. It made my skin more matt without drying it. Its a few hours since i applied it and although i have a sheen my t-zone does look less 'greasy'. Disgusting i know hah.

P.s. Nylon is a lovely highlighter but im not sure if i like the effect it gives. Hmm...

So anyways :) If anyone has any suggestions for products i should purchase let me know.