Monday, 29 June 2009


Okay.. So i had short sparse eyelashes and was sick of the way that they didn't stand out or just look pretty.

So after much debate/research/and other methods (not wearing mascara to see if it made a difference etc) I bought Lilash.

It cost around 70/80 pounds from ebay which i know is quite excessive for eyelashes. But i am very pleased with it.
The shipping was very quick and the seller also put a little note in with it describing how to use it.

Ive been using it for about 4 months and im VERY pleased with the results. My eyelashes are like really long (They touch my eyebrow bone) if that makes sense and they kind of seem thicker. I also thought they looked blacker.. but ive come to the conclusion that thats jsut my imagination! It probably just because theyre thicker. They are stronger too

To apply you basically apply as you would with a liquid liner. Where the folicle comes out on the top lash line.

This is the ebay seller i used


My first blog.

(Top) 147
(Bottom) the 101. Im not naked by the way! Haha. Im wearing a good old 'boob tube'!

Ooo So: My names Courtney.. and here is my Bloggggg.

Its very Sunny here in Cumbria - which makes a change!

So anyways..after watching Lorraine from 'TheCurrentCustom' on youtube and she mentioned blogging I was inspired to blog. :)

I just purchased the Barry M lippaints: 101 - Marshmellow and the new 147 - Peachy pink.

Well my boyfriend did.. which amused the woman on the counter looking at him like he was a secret drag act. But whatever :)

They are very lovely colours.

The 101 is a nude-ish light pink. It is wearable yet I found it slightly drying. When it wears off it doesn't leave that really disgusting 'scum' around your lips that some other lip products do.

The 147 may not be to everyones taste, as if your a bit heavy handed it goes on quite bright. But me, not really being one to shy away from colour .. i like it. :) Its a quite matt peachy pink yet i find it not particulary drying. It looks really nice with a tan too.