Monday, 31 August 2009

Photo Tag *Sorry its soooo late*

Okay so aaaaaages ago on the 30th of july *sorry for my only posting this now! but i didnt see the tag!* i was tagged by to do a photo tag by choosing the 10th photo in my album and this is the photo.
So this is me at my prom a year and a half ago maybe? It's weird to see how much ive changed in that time though.
It was such a good night with all my friends. Here i am in the limo and yes the lambrini in the background is mine.. being the classy girl i am.
My dress was from Coast and was £130, i bought two because i couldnt decide between this and another one but settled on this and sent the other back.
My shoes where a bargain at £30 though :)
I left getting my dress until the week before! Typical.
But anyways i loveddddddd prom as it was such a relief to have done my GCSE's.

Back to reality

I'm now back from my holiday in Puerto Rico which was very good, and very hot! I now look like a oompa loompa. hah. Back to reality with rain rain rain!
And i'm back to blogging etc :)

Revlon colourstay. This is next on my wishlist and i hope to get it tomorow. :) Most foundations ive tried despite their price seem to 'wear' off relativley quickly. So after reading lots of great reviews of this I will try it. I was going to buy Chanel Mat Lumiere but im going to get this first and see how i like it, as its easier to get tomorow when i'm in town. I'll get the one for oily skin. Fingers crossed i like it and i'll give my opinion on it soon.

TESCO!?! What are you doing?
I went into my local tesco supermarket around 2 weeks ago and i noticed the Barbara daly stand had been replaced by a Rimmel London one! This was so dissapointing as I really liked the barbara daly concealer. (Although at the moment i'm really tanned so the darkest would be to light but medium is perfect in winter). I can't seem to find it on their website either, so i will now have to buy MAC's studio finish instead.

I bought Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and i'm not sure how i feel about it?
It as an airport purchase and everyone knows you don't really think about what your buying. You just get wrapped up in spending money before your flight. So anyays, it didnt come with a pump ;/ *sighs* plus my skin isn't great as it is oily in my T-zone as ive probably mentioned before yet dry on my cheeks and neck so i wanted something that would be light enough to not cause excess oil and therefore make my T-zone oilier but still moisturise the rest of my skin. As its a lotion rather than a cream its lighter which i do like for the daytime, however it says that it is for 'dry to very dry' skin which i certainly dont think is the case. I would say its more normal-dry. As of yet, i haven't noticed my skin softer or my t-zone oiler. So worth the money? Hm.. not from what i notice yet? Whats the hype?


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser & Body Shop Products.

Body Shop. Strawberry Shower Gel.
I love this, just because of the smell!! Its very nice and I will certainly repurchase. I have used shower gels from the body shop before but never used the strawberry one which is strange as its usually the first type i'd try? Its just a generic shower gel but its lovely anyways. This is kind of a shit analysis but I just want to get on and talk about the next product that I love!
Body shop. Strawberry Body Polish
I have eczema and sensitive skin so I'm carefull about the products I use, however this did not irrtate my skin at all. It is a very mild exfoliater for the body that again, has the lovely strawberry scent. Because it is such a gentle exfoliater (compared to others ive tried!) it is not drying at all. Anddddd... I noticed my skin was kind of had a slight glitter on it. I usually dont like glittery things as they look OTT but it was really nice. I dont think it says it includes this however I have defo noticed it? I'm not sure if it was from the shower gel or this, but I am quite sure its the body polish. Anyways.. I will be bringing this away with me. :)

Ponds cold cream cleanser
I have been using makeup removing wipes for years to take off my make-up but I feel that they can be quite drying sometimes so I tired this! So.. yes, it is a cream that has been around for years and years but i've only just recently tried it after reading many positive reviews on makeup alley etc. It is lovely. I would recommend to people with dry/normal skin, but not oily skin. I basically apply a layer on to my face when i have my make-up on, rub it in, wait for 2 minutes and then wipe it off with a hot wet flannel. Some people from various websites have said they use tissues to wipe it off but I find it can leave your skin a bit greasy, however when I used a wet flannel it just left my skin moisturised. Usually before i apply a moisturiser my skin feels a bit 'tight' however after using this product it felt really soft (and i usually have a really really dry patch on my neck but it seems a lot better now.)
This is just my experience and obviously some people will hate it, but i really like it. I got some in my eyes as its quite fussy to take off eye make-up with this BUT it didnt sting at all so thats good?! I sometimes still use a wipe to take off my eye make-up however Ive stuck to this product for my face and neck as I like it. It costs around £3/4 so is really inexpensive, however I dont like the packaging. It looks old fashioned and you have to sitck you fingers in the pot to get some out which I dont like..