Monday, 31 August 2009

Photo Tag *Sorry its soooo late*

Okay so aaaaaages ago on the 30th of july *sorry for my only posting this now! but i didnt see the tag!* i was tagged by to do a photo tag by choosing the 10th photo in my album and this is the photo.
So this is me at my prom a year and a half ago maybe? It's weird to see how much ive changed in that time though.
It was such a good night with all my friends. Here i am in the limo and yes the lambrini in the background is mine.. being the classy girl i am.
My dress was from Coast and was £130, i bought two because i couldnt decide between this and another one but settled on this and sent the other back.
My shoes where a bargain at £30 though :)
I left getting my dress until the week before! Typical.
But anyways i loveddddddd prom as it was such a relief to have done my GCSE's.


  1. love the photo :)
    u look great, i bet it was a great night too :)


  2. Thankyou :)

    It was extensions!


  3. Good colour, good choise...
    Soo cuteeee ;))

  4. You look really great! The blue dress suist you perfectly and I love love love your hairs! Wow!

    Hope you visit me on my blog