Sunday, 2 August 2009

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser & Body Shop Products.

Body Shop. Strawberry Shower Gel.
I love this, just because of the smell!! Its very nice and I will certainly repurchase. I have used shower gels from the body shop before but never used the strawberry one which is strange as its usually the first type i'd try? Its just a generic shower gel but its lovely anyways. This is kind of a shit analysis but I just want to get on and talk about the next product that I love!
Body shop. Strawberry Body Polish
I have eczema and sensitive skin so I'm carefull about the products I use, however this did not irrtate my skin at all. It is a very mild exfoliater for the body that again, has the lovely strawberry scent. Because it is such a gentle exfoliater (compared to others ive tried!) it is not drying at all. Anddddd... I noticed my skin was kind of had a slight glitter on it. I usually dont like glittery things as they look OTT but it was really nice. I dont think it says it includes this however I have defo noticed it? I'm not sure if it was from the shower gel or this, but I am quite sure its the body polish. Anyways.. I will be bringing this away with me. :)

Ponds cold cream cleanser
I have been using makeup removing wipes for years to take off my make-up but I feel that they can be quite drying sometimes so I tired this! So.. yes, it is a cream that has been around for years and years but i've only just recently tried it after reading many positive reviews on makeup alley etc. It is lovely. I would recommend to people with dry/normal skin, but not oily skin. I basically apply a layer on to my face when i have my make-up on, rub it in, wait for 2 minutes and then wipe it off with a hot wet flannel. Some people from various websites have said they use tissues to wipe it off but I find it can leave your skin a bit greasy, however when I used a wet flannel it just left my skin moisturised. Usually before i apply a moisturiser my skin feels a bit 'tight' however after using this product it felt really soft (and i usually have a really really dry patch on my neck but it seems a lot better now.)
This is just my experience and obviously some people will hate it, but i really like it. I got some in my eyes as its quite fussy to take off eye make-up with this BUT it didnt sting at all so thats good?! I sometimes still use a wipe to take off my eye make-up however Ive stuck to this product for my face and neck as I like it. It costs around £3/4 so is really inexpensive, however I dont like the packaging. It looks old fashioned and you have to sitck you fingers in the pot to get some out which I dont like..


  1. I have a different Ponds moisturizer and feel the same, I hate how you have to stick your hand in it! Eww.

  2. What kind? Do you recommend? Sickening isnt it.Hah. xo

  3. Oh, I love the Strawberry Body Polish1 Thanks for the other tips.

  4. love the body shop. I agree. polish is fab and smells so yummy


  5. Ooooh, I love the bodyshop Strawberry Body Polish, I just bought it last week, thrilled to see someone blogging about it! Your blog is very pretty, I'm gonna follow XOXO

  6. I've nominated you for an award! x

  7. oh, u gotta love the body shop!!!!!! :)

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