Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tanning & Escada.

This is the Velvotan Tan applicator. It is basically a mit that you put your hand inside, it's foam on one side and a material on the other. I think it's great for applying instant fake tan. I use Rimmel Sun Shimmer in the matt version when I want an instant glow when im going out. When i first used the rimmel product i really hated it because it left my hands orange which wouldnt wash off for ages and it wouldnt go on 'right'. But after buying this from superdrug my hands have stayed a normal colour and it goes on a lot smoother. Its definitely a worth while purchase if you have this tango hand problem! It says to wash it after every use which I do. :)

The new Escada perfume. First of all, i love ALL of the Escadas perfume because they all basically smell the same with a slight variation. This one is called Ocean Lounge. I would understand why people may not like it, but i love the very sweet sort of 'sticky' smell. I have had it on most days since I got it last week. It lasts for quite a long time too.

St Moriz and St Tropez.

So I purchased both St Moriz and St Tropez recently. I have been meaning to buy the St Moriz for ages but kept forgetting which was really annoying. I got mine from Home Bargians where they had lots in stock and it was £2.99. It is a self tanning mouse that is tinted so you can see where you are applying it, and i love it. It isn't streaky, patchy or hard to apply! I didnt use gloves or anything as I dont think that gives the best application/results so i just washed my hands straight after. However it does have a kind of musky typical fake tan scent the morning after but after a shower its fine. The scent isn't something I would say is awful though.

I got the St Tropez lotion instead of the mouse because I wanted to see which i prefer out of the two consistencys. (I usually use a tanning gel, or spray) I also like the St Tropez as it doesnt smell bad at all, it is also tinted and it glides onto the skin. I didn't notice any patches with this, but it does give a lighter than the St Moriz.

Overall, i actually prefer the St Moriz and reach for it more often, as its a deeper tan so I only need to apply it once or twice and is £2.99! Although I do like high end, more expensive products like most girls.. :( which isnt too good for the purse. I think i will try the St Tropez mouse next to see how it compares as I have found out i really do prefer mouse to lotion.



  1. I bought the velvotan mitt and the St Moriz tanner today- just did a post about it! :)

  2. Hm, I've never done self-tanning, but if I do, I might check it out! The mitt is a great idea.

  3. Great ideas!


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