Monday, 6 July 2009

Everyone loves a bargain!

This concealer is by Barbara Daly for tesco. It is really really good overall
The positives: It blends really well due to its creamy formular. It gives a really good coverage yet isnt cakey. Its cheap! And its small enough to put in your pocket nevermind your handbag!
The Negavtives: It only comes in 3 colours and the darkest is only a light tan colour- (the colours are light, medium and dark. Im medium) It may be too yellow toned for some people

It actually rivals MAC's studio sculpt concealer. I can compare as I have both. They have recently changed the packaging and there is a slight improvement. It retails for around £3.50 or something and is available at most Tesco stores. I live in a small town and they stock it. It is really easy to blend yet gives the right amout of coverage. It is quite thick so only a small amount is neeed.

Now... I have heard NOTHING but good things about this fake tan. Its apprently a good as (or even better) than the famous St Tropez. This is kind of pointless as I havent purchased it myself yet BUT i will on saturday. Its available at Home Bargains in the UK. I will review it when i have personally used it but until then lollipop26 done a great review about it. Apprently its a tinted mouse formula that goes on really well and doesnt go streaky. If anyones used it let me know! Its around £2

Baby oil. A staple in my beauty products and probably everyone elses too. Its very cheap and versatile. Some peopl use it to take off their makeup and others (like me) use it in their bath. I put a few drops in the bath once a week and my skin is really soft. I dont like to put it on my skin when my skin is dry as it find it is too greasy... but after its put into my bath and i pat my skin dry it feels really soft and lovely.

After reading many positives review on this on the internet and various magazines I purchased this and im glad i did. Its Siana moisturising anti-wrinkle day cream from Aldi. It was around £3 or something i can't remember exactly but it was cheap i can assure you! What isn't in Aldi? I dont know if you can get this in the US but if not you can purchase on ebay at a slightly higher price. It claims to help wrinkles but i cant comment on that as i dont have any yet! But.. Its a great moisturiser with added sun cream. It goes on really creamy and would be good for normal or dry skin. Its great as a make-up base. It dries really quick and has a kind of 'normal/nothing to write home about' smell. It can feel a touch oily but not enough to notice/not too buy it and when it dries in it just leaves you skin soft. Under foundation its great. For me.. its a good buy.
Hope this helped. Ask away with any Q's


  1. I went to tkmaxx at the weekend to try to get hold of St Moriz after reading about it on loadsa blogs too but they didnt have any left eek :( Never heard of Home Bargains before but just googled and there is 1 quite near me so i'll give that a try thanks! xx

  2. That concealer is a right bargain!
    I use far too much concealer (use it instead of foundation) and it's getting very expensive! : (
    I also love Blistex, so good for the price xx

  3. ohh might have to try the baby oil thing. i have dry skin and its irritating. thanks for the tip. take care xo