Friday, 3 July 2009

Tad of shopping

While it was raining today i went for a little bit of a shop. I can't cope with shopping when its warm. Everything was cheap as chips. Hooray for bargains.Heres what i got

Jeans mixed with Jeggings. There kind of just like tight skinny jeans yet not jeggings. Hmm.. But anyways there fine. Not gorge not horrible. They were like £16 or something.

Just some boring vest tops from new look. I got them for work but might just wear them out and about. They were £4 each

Dont mind my crazy *one longer than my big toe* toes haha. These where £9.99 from Deichmann Shoes. Ive never been in but went in hoping for some sandals :)

Stripey-ish dress. T'was £12 :) in the sale. It will look cute with some black high heels. I wasnt sure about it.. but at 12 pounds you might aswel :)

Little top that was £10! It fits perfectly and will look cute on holiday. It was from a little boutique style shop near to where i live.


  1. love love love the dress... sooo cute!!!
    nice buy!!!


  2. i agree love the dress. looks really good on you x

  3. the dress is lush!

    my boyfriend brought me a similer one the other week but it's not as colourful as yours. he got it for £10 in the ark sale. i was very proud of him and myself actually for teaching him the ways of bargin hunting! :P

    thanks for the comment chick and i must say, gorgeous figure you have there! xo

  4. Haha. My boyfriend thinks that £60 for a t-shirt is good ;/ He has a lot to learn

    Awh thankyou :)