Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TAG: 10 Random Facts

I know i've just done a thing like this with those questions but ive been tagged to do it by Lilize - In my life

soooo.. here goes. Sorry if i talk too much!

1) I met my boyfriend on holiday
I went on holiday early last summer last year with my family to Tenerife, and I met my boyfriend! He was there with his friend and his friends parents and their friends (if thats not too confusing) And we have been together ever since! :) At the time I went on holiday I had a boyfriend and wasn't looking for anyone AT ALL. However, I was lying next to him on my lounger (sunbathing as per) and we just started talking.. then talked every day for 2 weeks. It doesnt sound a lot of time but talking for hours and hours and hours is quite intense He was so sweet with such a similar sense of humour to me and I instantly liked him. Yet I obviously didnt kiss/hug/or tell him i liked him him as I had a boyfriend. He was such a flirt! Haha. So cut a long story short we exchanged numbers and msn addresses and talked when we got back and things went from there

2)My boyfriend lives over 2 hours away from me
Honestly.. These aren't 10 facts about Dean! Haha. But anyways.. As if that wasnt confusing enough! He lives in Newcastle and I live in West Cumbria. However he travels down to see me every weekend. :)

3) I have a very close family
I'm veryyy close to my mam , dad, brother and grandad. My grandad lives a few minutes away from me and comes to my house everyday. I know I can talk to my mam about anything, whether its sex, boys in general, drinking, smoking.. whatever! I go to my nanas house at least every sunday to see all my aunties, cousins etc.

4)I find it quite hard to find clothes to fit
My figure is quite out of proportion as i'm around a size 8/sometimes a 10, however due to my boobs and bum im a 12 or 14 in bikinis. Lets just say i have my nanas genes in the booty department and my mams in the 'breasts'! Hahah. Jeans are the worst!

5)I live in the worst place ever
Well.. thats being dramatic but it's not good. I live in a small town in West Cumbria in the UK. It doesnt even have a pictures! Haha the nearest one is 20 minutes away. I live close to where Shakespeare did...... intresting.

6)I love clubbing
What more can I say? Drinking, Having fun, Dressing up in nice clothes. Sounds good to me!

7)I'm hoping to do English language at Uni
I'm in my last year of 6th form and hoping to do English language as it intrests me and has always been my favorite subject. I got a grade A in both Englishes at GCSE. I think i want to go to either Liverpool, Leeds or Newcastle

8)I love all things beauty
I love moisturisers, cosmetics, any body products in general, hair stuff, nail polish.. everything! Haha :) I love high end and drugstore products. It gives me loads more confidence and makes me feel great

9)Humour is the best medicine
One of my best friends Ashley is seriously the Funniest person i know. He just has such a good sense of humour and makes me laugh all the time. I think sarcastic, dry and 'take the piss' kind of humour is the best. I look for humour in a boyfriend. Laughing is one the best things ever.
My friend Holly was sitting on two hairs in the Post 16 centre with every sitting around. Both of the chairs collapsed on her and she fell in slow motion with the funniest look on her face. It was hilarious! She just lay on the floor with everyone looking at her and laughing. I was crying. It may not sound funny.. but you should have seen her. She looked such a freek

10)I'm a bubbly person
I'm generally a really outgoing and confident person who likes to have fun (oh god i sound like im doing a lonely hearts ad) but I'm quite shy with people I dont know. I'm REALLY dopey sometimes e.g (something i said the other day)

Me: Awww your dogs sooo cute!
Jasmine: I know, it looks like a Jack Russel eh?
Me:........ Whos Jack russel?




  1. Really sweet story about how you met your boyfriend!
    Thanks for being my first follower-made my day :-) x

  2. Thanks :)
    Your blogs really good


  3. Lol last bit made me laugh :)

  4. who's jack russell..... HAAAAAAAA i loved it! hahaha... my friend in portugal had a cocker spaniel, so he wanted to name it "joe"... so the dog would be... joe cocker.

    i like your bf story!!! and it's nice of him to go see u often. i once dated a guy who lived 2-3 hours away from me too, didn't work out and i was pretty much the only one making an effort for us to see each other often lol. that sucked.

    nice 10 facts!!!!!! :D

  5. You're blog is great! I'm a new follower :). I'm in a long distance relationship for until the summer ends. It really sucks...SKYPE save my life!

  6. I do English Language at Uni!! Lol! I am a new follower too.