Friday, 24 July 2009

Im back!

Hi everyone! x
I had a great birthday weekend and i'm back to reviews, hauls etc. :) Sooo lets get going
Here are some things I have just purchased (clothing only). I have some other things I got such as another 2 dresses, shoes etc. But i havent had time to find them and take photos.

This set is a neclace and bracelet set from a local boutique called Strange Fruit. It is jade green stones with a cream heart on both. The neclace ties with a pale green ribbon. I love it :) and wear it with a plain white vest top or grey dress etc. Im not sure of the price.

So these were just some shorts i bought for my holidays. I am going to Puerto Rico in less than 3 weeks :) So these are just for wearing to go to the beach etc. I got a white and pink pair. They wouldnt photograph very well. ;/ But they are from newlook.

This is a cute dress I purchased from Topshop at £22. The photo doesnt do it justice but its nice. I am wearing a black vest top underneath as it is quite low. It is tight yet not too short. It has a black pannel with flowers down either side.

I have seen this vest/dress sold everywhere! Motel, Newlook, Various boutiques etc etc etc. I got mine from £12 from Newlook. I had seen it on the internet at a different store and i was going to get it however when i seen this for £12 I ran to the changing room with it! Haha. I wear it with leggings. It is striped with large roses.

I realise this dress is very short and i would wear it with leggings but i couldnt find them to photograph it. I got it today from Topshop and it was £20 which i thought was very good. It is VERY tight on me but the next size up was too big and i liked it sooo.. :) It is a sort of weird material that clings to everything. Dont i look like the top poser? Haha. I had to be quick.. i was in a rush!

Sorry the image is so small. But it's a cute belly bar i got. Its a small bow that has pink diamonds in it. Its the perfect size as it doesnt hang below my actuall belly button if that makes sense? It was £5.50 from claires. I only buy cheap belly bars as I always without fail, loose them.

These are 2 pairs of sunglasses i got. One (Left on the bottom photo) are an aviator style and the other (Right on the bottom photo) are oversized sunglasses.

- The aviators are dark brown with a thin gold trim. The true colour is in the 2nd photo where they look darker not the 3rd as they are darker than that. It is jsut the lighting. They were £10 from Dorothy Perkins and came with a really cute lepoard print pouch.

- The oversized glasses are from Matalan. They were really cheap at something like £5/6. They are oversized yet small enough so that they dont over take my face :) They actually keep out a lot of light too which cheap sunglasses usually dont

Much love.


  1. love that stripey dress
    glad your back !!

  2. Thanks :)
    My friend Shane said it was like 'Wheres wally' hahaha


  3. omg, what a shopper! :)

    i bet summer there must feel great. it's devastatingly hot here in california.

    i love that first pair of sunglasses. i have a bit of a sunglasses fetish :D

  4. Haha. I cant stop once i get going

    Yeaaaah when it is nice, but we have one nice day then pay for it with 10 days of rain :(

    Im going on holiday soon though. Cant wait

    Thanks. Hah me too! :)


  5. Puerto Rico sounds amazing!!! You look fabulous in your dresses-I have figure envy! :-) x

  6. Great purchases! I especially like the shorts and the dresses. You'll look fantastic in Puerto Rico :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. oh I love the red and white one! so cool!


  8. oooh i really like that top shop dress!!
    iv tagged you for the photo tag :)