Monday, 13 July 2009

Nailpolish love.

Here are a few of the nail polishes i'm loving at the moment! .. Yes. I know its summer and everyone seems to be wearing orange or yellow nail polish but to be honest I just don't like those colours on my nails.

The nailpolishes here are: Barry m - Navy (292). Sally Hansen - Hard as nails. 17 (Boots) - Rasberry Mocha. And finally Barry m - Racing green (299)

I really want these Barry M nail varnishes: Grey. Vivid Purple. Red wine(or)Red glitter and Pink Flamingo.

This is Barry M's nailpolish in Navy. Its sooo pretty. It is a good quality product at an affordable price. It is just £2.95. The first coat for me (same as racing green) looked a little streaky and paler than i wanted but after the second coat it is an even and deep colour. I love Barry M nail varnishes.

This for me is a really good top coat. I never put a bottom coat on so im not sure what it would be like for that but im sure it would be fine. It is Sally Hansen - Hard as nails. It's quite thick which I find good as i sticks to the nails and means the colour underneath lasts longer. It has a really long handle and a thin brush so is easy to apply. It costs around £4/5 from Bodycare. I alwats get things like that from bodycare as I find its the cheapest place. I also use this on it's own to strengthen my nails.

Sorry about the awful photo. I couldnt find one from the internet which is a shame because this doesnt reflect how nice this polish is. Its from 17 in Rasberry Mocha. It is cheap at around £3 or something. I wouldnt say its the best for quality as it does chip however I wear it loads as it's such a pretty colour. The colour is a nude-ish pink. - It would actually lovely as a lipstick! I always get complements on my nails when I wear this

Finally. i love this. Its such a lovely colour and i dont think this photo does it justice. Its a deep forest green with blue undertones and a slight green glitter. I t hink it is sooooo nice! It (as i said before) went on a little watery and slightly streaky yet after another coat its the perfect colour for me as its quite dark but not tooo dark that its black


  1. nice vintage flowers!!!!! :)

    i loooooooove the blue nail polish. i don't like those orange ones at all. the other day i saw a girl at the pool with orange toe nails, i thought she looked dorky lol.

    i like a soft tone of white... there's this nail polish in brazil called "paris", it looks very simple and pretty.

    i tagged u on my last post, ok? :D


  2. Cool, I also love 17's nail polishes, I ahve rasperrry mocha but in a different range but still by 17, it is more brown than pink

  3. I love the green Barry M polish! It's lovely.x

  4. I love Barry M nail paints aswell :)
    they have such lovely colours
    My favourite is the mint green, i need two coats for that.


  5. I like the Raspberry Mocha! Although they are all absolutely lovely.

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  6. Mmmm, the Barry M polishes are certainly grabbing my attention of late. The colours are beautiful. I've a few on my lemming list and these ones don't help it. Great post. Thanks!

  7. the barry m ones are soo pretty, i love the navy one. good post xo take care

  8. i love barry m polish too! as for sally henson that i would favour her polish over anything, the cheapest price is savers :) tesco also stock them but i'm not sure how much for.

    i brought the green barry m you have the other day and its gorgeous isnt it! superdrug have a 2 for £5 on them atm so i'm stocking up :) xo

  9. Lilize - Ive just done that Post. Hope it ws ok for yaaaa' :)

    Abbie - I think i may try that!

    Aneela - Ive subscribed :)

    Nav & Danielle - Thanksss :)

    KITTEN - Oh dear!! I got one from superdrug but had my head in the coulds and didnt realise it was 2 for £5. Ill have to get some more!


  10. i meant clouds not coulds*